Sidewalks and Safety

Sidewalks or other safety remedies – As automotive traffic increases, we must make sure Rye’s neighborhoods remain – or in places become – safe for pedestrians.


Flooding – The City must push through the programmed sluice gate portion of the New York Rising grant and must attempt to realize on the full grant before expiration.


Deer – Many residents wish for a substantial reduction in the deer population. Concerns include the risk of Lyme and other, serious emerging tick-borne diseases; damage to shrubs and gardens; and the starvation and suffering of deer in an overpopulation situation. We support working with the County to implement solutions.


Starwood – The City must make every effort to make the Rye Park community feel protected from the enormous Starwood project. Measures should include anticipatory adjustment of street access/direction. Consideration should be given to the most advantageous posture of the City in view of the “too little, too late” character of the City’s involvement.

Responsible Development

Responsible Development – The time has come for the City to establish guidelines that promote responsible development in order to preserve Rye’s historic charm and character, retain our community’s sense of space, and ensure adequate permeable surfaces for drainage, while at the same time respecting the rights of property owners and encouraging a thriving real estate market.

Street Repairs

Street Repairs – The City’s system for road maintenance needs revision so that roads are repaired before they are in dire condition, on a schedule that residents may access.